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SATURN Capital provides investment management services in three areas:

  • Investment in real estate loans secured by mortgages
  • Direct investment in real estate
  • Corporate advisory and investment services

Investment in Real Estate Loans Secured by Mortgages

SATURN Capital provides investment services in private real estate loans secured by mortgages. The area of focus for private mortgages is those secured by residential or commercial real estate in Western Canada. A private mortgage is funded by an individual investor, group of investors or corporation instead of a bank or trust company. Interest paid by the borrower becomes income for the investors. Private mortgage investors have the same legal security in a mortgage as banks and other institutional lenders. The preparation of documents and processing of funds are similarly handled by real estate conveyance lawyers and all registrations are filed at applicable Land Titles Offices.

Direct Investment in Real Estate

SATURN Capital assists individuals or corporations looking to purchase or sell direct interests in real estate properties or projects within Western Canada. Investments in single-family, commercial or multiple-unit properties can provide a steady revenue cash-flow plus the opportunity for significant returns resulting from capital appreciation of the property.

Corporate Advisory and Investment Services

SATURN Capital also provides corporate advisory and investment services for both private and publicly traded companies.  Services are available on a wide range of areas including the assessment and feasibility analysis of new projects and investments, raising capital, and managing merger and acquisition opportunities.